mp3tool -- examine / modify .mp3 headers under Linux.

This tool can be used to display/extract/remove ID3v2 Tag information from .mp3 files, as well as audio headers and VBR information.  Modern .mp3 files downloaded from major web sites often include tens of kilobytes of hidden header information, such as song Lyrics and images.  The mp3tool utility can be used to access these hidden "treasures" (aka. disk space wasters).

In particular, if you have a LOT of .mp3's and not much storage space (as on the EMPEG car player or a portable .mp3 player), then it may be useful to be able to remove all of the non-music from your music files before downloading to the device.

Also, there are a LOT of broken VBR (Variable Bit-Rate) encoder programs out there (including RealJukeBox+) which do not always write correct VBR headers into the .mp3 files they produce.  This can prevent your player from handling rewind/fastforward operations correctly, among other problems.  The mp3tool program can be used to fix such problems.

View the built-in helpfile first here.

Grab the Linux source code for it.

Download mp3tool from here now! (Linux x86 executable)


Mark Lord
(the original Linux IDE guy)