empsync -- mirror .mp3 files from Linux to the Empeg car player.

This is a hacked-up front end to "emptool-1.01" (from Empeg), which will mirror the contents of a Linux /mp3/artists/_all/ hierarchy onto an /artists/all playlist on the Empeg car player unit.

Read the (built-in) helpfile first,
Or fetch the code (single large gawk script), make it executable (chmod +x empsync), and then run it by name.

By default, it just prints out the built-in help and quits.   When run with appropriate options, it inspects your .mp3 files, compares them with the Empeg, and uses emptool-1.01 to prepare to update the Empeg as needed.  No changes are actually done unless the "sync" option is also specified on the empsync command line.

WARNING: perform several trial runs (without the "sync" option)
to see what might happen before allowing it to totally mess up your
Empeg musical playlists (not likely, but there may be bugs).

Use at your own risk -- I do, and it works for me.  YMMV.

cat curses > /dev/null
cat praise suggestions | mail mlord@pobox.com

I have other improvements under development, including the ability to auto-generate alphabetical artist grouping and random album/track/genre playlists for the Empeg.

The current plan is for the playlist hierarchy to look something like:

All entries outside of /artists and /random are left alone by the toolset,
allowing user customizations to co-exist with the auto-generated stuff.


Mark Lord
(the original Linux IDE guy)